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If you’re racking your brain trying to think of the last time you went on vacation, you’re long overdue for some time off. 

The importance of vacations cannot be understated. Vacations can reduce stress levels, alleviate burnout, which can cause serious physical and emotional health problems if ignored.

Unforgettable Dream Vacations

Whether you’re planning a relaxing escape, a luxurious getaway, a girl’s trip, a man-cation, a romantic honeymoon or a family reunion, your experience will be completely hassle-free and tailored just for you!

We are Vacation Specialists, and we are here to handle every detail. The result is a custom travel experience designed personally for you.

Unique Private Tours and Activities

Interested in a different kind of experience? One that allows you to experience the culture, food, and entertainment like a local? Want to meet, dine and interact with the community in the city you’ve chosen to visit? Talk to one of our specialists about our various tour packages!

Why Donaldson Travel?


Experienced, motivated team with deep expertise.


Custom, made-for-you travel experiences.


Reputation for service excellence.


The effect of COVID-19 may impact the way we travel for years to come. If you are planning to travel – here’s what to be prepared for as the travel landscape has certainly changed.

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